Protecting the Environment
Being one of the ancient civilizations in the world, Egypt top ranks facing the global environmental challenges via saving energy, protecting air and water, reducing pollution in a proactive manner, saving protectorates , recycling human, agricultural and industrial wastes beside facing the challenges of global climate changes.
Energy and Sustainable Development:
The Ministry of State for Environmental Affairs in cooperation with all development partners locally and internationally, determine the vision and outlines of environmental policies and programs in the light of Egypt's economic and social changes and the challenges of a new era aiming towards sustainable development.
Air Protection
Below are activities to reduce air pollution:
  1. Control industrial emissions
  2. Noise control
  3. Control vehicles exhaust and in the following are the main achievements:
    1. Replacing the old taxis in Greater Cairo by new ones using natural gas.
    2. Examination of vehicles exhausts at traffic units
    3. Examination of vehicles exhausts on roads
    4. Examination of public transport buses
    5. Protecting the environment from the pollution emissions of motorcycles


Water Protection
Assessing water quality and pollution indicators identifying their sources in the Egyptian lakes and coastal water in order to protect living organisms in these areas. More
Seeking a cleaner environment towards sustainable development Egypt uses technology to transform wastes into energy, which is one of the most important environment-friendly technologies in the field of waste recycling resulting from human activities, solid waste, agricultural or industrial activities or sewage water which harm the environment and cause water & air pollution. In this context, cooperation takes place between the Ministry of State for Environmental Affairs and all concerned entities to implement the recycling process. For more information about types of wastes and the recycling process please, visit this link.
Climate Change
Egypt faces the challenges of global climate change and its impacts on sustainable development in a spirit of responsibility taking effective and preventive measures as well as setting strategies and initiatives raising awareness to protect future generations from the threat of climate change.
E-government and Protecting the Environment
E-government provides government to government communication between government agencies to facilitate services to citizens leading to saving time and effort and contributing in reducing pollution caused by people transport to get the service and saving paper use thus preventing cutting a huge number of trees every day.

Environment Law No. 4 of 1994, that aims towards protecting the environment where the Ministry of State for Environmental Affairs monitors the involved entities to verify their abidance by law.
• As a proactive activity towards pollution reduction, the environmental impact assessment is done before establishing a new project.
The guide for applying for environmental impact assessment study is available through this link.
Protectorates map in Egypt, contribute with us in observing the presence of sharks in South Sinai protectorates by answering this survey.