In the name of the people,
The President of the Republic,

This law, the text of which herein follows, has been passed by the People’s Assembly, and is hereby promulgated by oneself.
Article 1:  Without prejudice to the statutes of the associa-tions established under international agreements with the Arab Republic of Egypt, the provisions of the attached law shall go into effect in respect of non-governmental organizations. Foreign non-governmental organizations may be allowed to practice the activities of the non-governmental organizations governed by the above-said law, under the rules prescribed therein. Permission shall be issued by the Ministry of Social Affairs, based on such agreement as may be con-cluded between the Foreign Ministry and non-governmental organizations concerned.
Article 2:  Without prejudice to the provisions of the Law No. 91 of 1971, the administrative authority, for the purpose of enforcing the provisions of the attached law, shall mean the Ministry of Social Affairs; the competent court shall mean the court of first in-stance within which juridiction there lie the head-quarters of the non-governmental organization or society, or the general, activity-specific or regional federation as the case may.
Article 3:  NGO’S existing at the date the attached law comes into effect, the statutes of which conflict with its provisions, shall amend such statutes and read-just their conditions accordingly within six months as of the date of publishing its executive regula-tions.

Each society that has as one of its purposes or performs an activity related to one of the NGO’S re-ferred to, eventhough legally constituted in a form other than an NGO, shall, as a requirement, be le-gally constituted as an NGO, and shall accordingly amend its statute, and shall apply for registration under the provisions of the attached law within the term provided for in the preceding paragraph. Oth-erwise, it shall be deemed as dissolved under this law, in which case, the provisions of chapter 4 of part 1 of the law shall apply. Any private entity shall be banned from practic-ing any such activity that falls within the purposes of NGO’S unless legally constituted as such law under the provisions of the attached law.
Article 4:  Boards of directors of NGO’S as well as their ex-ecutive and administrative machinery existing at the date the attached law comes into effect shall continue to function pending reformation under its provisions, subject to article 75 of the attached law.
Article 5:  The Minister of Social Affairs shall issue the ex-ecutive regulations for the attached law within six months as of its effective date. Pending issuance, the regulations and decrees existing on the effective date of the attached law shall continue to apply.
Article 6:  The Law No. 32 of 1964 on Non-governmental Organizations as well as any other provisions that conflict therewith shall be repealed.
Article 7:  The present law shall be published in the Official Gazette and shall be enforced as of the date of pub-lishing. It shall be stamped with the official seal of the state and enforced as one of the state laws.