Chapter III: Value assessment

Article 12:

The value to be reported in the return and taken as a basis for tax calculation shall be the consideration ACTUALLY PAID for taxable goods sold and / or taxable services rendered by a registered to an independent person in normal circumstances . Otherwise the consideration for such goods and / or services shall be the market price thereof in normal circumstances in accordance with the rules stipulated in the Executive Regulations hereof . Value of imported goods shall be the value for Customs purposes at time of release from Customs plus the Customs duties and any other taxes, duties and levies thereon. The Minister may, after agreement with the competent minister, issue price lists for certain goods or services to be taken as a base for tax calculation .

Article 12:

It is a requirement for an association, to be founded that it shall have a written statute of its own signed by all founders and to possess an appropriate headquarters in the Arab Republic of Egypt. Without prejudice to any other procedures provided for herein if the value of sales of the registrant proved to be different from that reported in his /her return at any taxable period, the Department may amend the taxable value. In all cases, the registrant may appeal against the assessment of the Department in accordance with measures and procedures specified in this Law.

Article 13:

The value of the tax shall be added to the price of goods or services including price-fixed and profit-determined goods and services. At time of imposition of Tax or at time of amending rates thereof, prices included in contracts whose party or parties are registered persons may be accordingly amended so as to consider such burden of tax or of tax amendments.

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