Web browsers portal compatibility

The E-gov portal is compatible with the following browsers:

  • Internet Explorer
  • Firefox
  • Chrome

You can get the latest versions and updates via the links below if you are using one of these browsers:

Adopted standards

We have designed the E-gov portal based upon international standards listed in the World Wide Web Consortium for the ease of accessibility for all portal users.

PDF files

PDF files at the E-gov portal represents reports and forms where you can download Acrobat Reader for free from the Adobe website.

Enabling Java

To enable Java on your web browser visit this link.

For people with special needs

Hidden links:

Hidden links are placed in the top of pages in order to shorten time to users of screen reading software for quick access to the portal’s parts:

  • Skip to main menu
  • Skip to search
  • Skip to bottom navigation
  • Skip to top navigation left aligned
  • Skip to top navigation right aligned
  • Skip to classification by personas
  • Skip to classification by service providers
  • Skip to classification by topics
  • Skip to contact your government

Shortcut keyboard access:

Please, press ALT and then the code listed below in order to speed up access to main parts of the portal:

  • access to main menu (ALT + S)
  • Home (ALT + 1)
  • What's New (ALT + 2)
  • Site Map (ALT + 3)
  • Search (ALT + 4)
  • Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) (ALT + 5)
  • Help (ALT + 6)
  • Complaints (ALT + 7)
  • Terms (ALT + 8)
  • Details on the shortcut keys (ALT + 0)

How to change font size

You can change the font through the use of increase the font size at the top of the E-fov homepage or via the following steps for several types of browsers:

  • Internet Explorer
    • Open View menu
    • Choose Text Size
    • Choose Larger or Largest
  • FireFox
    • Open View menu
    • Choose Text Size
    • Choose Increase
  • Chrome
    • Open Page menu
    • Choose Zoom
  • Safari
    • Open Page menu
    • Choose Zoom
    • Choose Zoom Text Only

Screen Readers

You can download free screen readers via the following links: