Customs Services

What are the Customs Services available on the government portal?
• The Manifest Service; which allows agents to enter & revise manifest data from their offices before a vessel arrives at the port without having to actually go to customs
• Looking up Reference information
• Following up on submitted customs reports in process
• Looking up customs tariffs, regulations and fees
• Looking up specified foreign exchange rates
• Import/Export services; which allow importers to enter Form 19 data directly into the computer and connect with Manifest data and shipping bills and hence calculate an estimate of taxes and customs fees, as well as check required approvals & documents for release
Who benefits from this service?
Agents for shipping lines, importers and exporters.
How much does this service cost?
This service is available free of charge.
What are the government entities responsible for providing this service?
The Egyptian Customs Authority.
Are the services available through other channels?
The services are available from Logistics Centers in ports.