Electricity Services (Canal Company for Distribution of Electricity)

What are the Electricity Services?
There are several services that are available for specific areas and currently being disseminated across the remaining areas such as: • Request for a new electric meter
• Request for an electric meter checkup
• Request for transferring an electric meter
• Request for raising capacity
• Request for postponing subscription
• Query on a request’s status
And there are two services available for all subscribers:
• Bill inquiry and payment (by Visa)
• Queries & complaints
All subscribers of the Canal Company for Distribution of Electricity
How much does this service cost & how can I pay for it?
Requests and bill inquiries are free of charge. Bill payment can be done by Visa credit cards with a 1.75% markup on the bill value (at a minimum of 2EGP.)
Where can I find the data needed to fill out the application?
All data can be found on any previous electricity bill.
What are the government entities responsible for providing this service?
The Canal Company for Distribution of Electricity is the only service provider for the time being. Other companies are currently being added to the service.
Are these services available only to the Canal Company subscribers?
Is the service available through other channels?
Electricity Bills can also be paid for through Fawri points of sale.