Government Entities Maps Services

What are the Government Entities Maps Services?
This service helps citizens seeking a specific government service after filling out the appropriate application form, which can be downloaded from the same page, to know the location of the nearest government entity where his/her request can be submitted. By simply by entering the entity’s name followed by the citizen’s governorate and neighborhood, the results show the nearest office providing the service along with contact information such as address and telephone number.
What is the cost of this service?
This service is available for all citizens on the government portal free of charge.
What are the most important entities listed on this service?
Some important services are from the following fields and entities: Education, Courts, Real Estate Offices, Sales & Real Estate Taxes, Universities & Institutions and Health Offices.
How can I view a route from a starting point to the location I wish to go to?
Citizens can pinpoint their location on the map and determine which entity on the map they wish to go to and the best possible route will be shown linking the two points. The service also offers the option of viewing detailed information of the route such as its length, estimated time for taking this route as well as the names of streets and landmarks on this route. • To determine a route press the link for the starting point and place the car (or person in case of choosing a subway system route) on any starting point on the map, then click the icon of the entity you wish to go to and choose it as a destination
• You can adjust the route from the starting point by moving the car (or person in case of choosing a subway system route) on the map as you wish then clicking or from the destination by clicking on a different icon for the service provider
• The accuracy of the route depends on the accuracy of the results based on the available data from Google Earth