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Modernizing the Egyptian Government and putting Egypt at pace with the latest governmental technologies worldwide is considered a major milestone for the successful application of the Egyptian Reform Structure and Adjustment Program (ERSAP). The modernization process will create a better climate for service provision and would result in a better service provision mechanism that satisfies citizens’ demands and raise to their expectations in terms of efficiency, and speed.

In accordance, the Ministry of State for administrative development and all the other Ministries and government bodies established a complete framework for automating the services that the government provides through the e-Government project.

The site is considered the first step towards establishing an Egyptian E-Government that levels with the international governmental systems worldwide and that is supported by the latest technologies.


Delivering efficient interactive services to the public over the telephone and internet


The project’s slogan is “ The Government Now Delivers” . Accordingly the project’s main goal is the extension of congregated government services to citizens, companies, and investors, ensuring that the government services reach citizens close to their residence or proximity, and giving companies and investors the chance to get the services directly from their offices.

This site displays the government services that have been restructured and automated in a congregated and direct way that helps the navigator to find the government service that he/she is looking for easily. The site moreover, provides complete transactions over the networks for some services starting from the inquiry stage passing through the other stages ( forms, procedures,…etc) reaching the submission, payment, and delivery stage.


1. To Provide services efficiently to Citizens, companies, and Investors through ensuring the following
  • Outreach to all beneficiaries The aim is to extend congregated services to citizens regardless of their location or proximity to governmental service provider bodies. This concept will eliminate the need for physical location in governmental offices whenever essential services are required.

  • Timely and efficient delivery Services will be Provided to citizens, companies, and investors in a way that satisfies their expectations- and within a convenient time framework. This will be achieved through upgrading governmental procedures, omitting unnecessary tasks, eliminating obstacles, and providing services for longer hours, and during weekends.

  • More Productivity/ quality performance The target of efficent service provision can be achieved through restructuring services dynamically to meet citizens' expectations, and personalizing delivery to each reciepent’s demands.

2. To Deploy a new philosophy and work methodology in government offices in a mode that would help
  • Smooth transition of the Egyptian government operations to accommodate changes in the new globalization era
    Egypt's participation in international agreements ( e.g. the European union partnership agreement) requires that government performance be maintained at a level equivocal to governmental systems worldwide. The E-Government project will contribute to the transition by providing and integrating the latest technology required for best performance.

  • Government expenditure reduction
    The approach is expected to Minimize government expenditure, through proposing a new mechanism of governenmet procurment, enterprise resource planning (ERP), and efficent allocation of government resources.

  • Accurate updated Information to Decision Makers Providing decision makers with accurate and updated information that supports the decision making process, and enable constant follow up on the progress of the development projects.

    To read more please visit Ministries Automation Project

Implementation path

  • Providing electronic government services

    Providing services through networks( internet and telephone)

    Expanding the scope of service providers to include ( postal offices-Kiosks-IT clubs-community telecenters)

  • Modernizing work in government offices

    Automating workflow and enterprise resource planning in Ministries and Authorities.

    Establishing a governmental network to allow the flow of data and information.

    Implementing electronic archiving systems


  • Issuing a law for E-signature and transactions through networks.
  • Setting standards for E-payment
  • Applying the Public key Infrastructure mechanism.
  • Polarizing IT specialists to work for the government, and implementing an incetive scheme.
  • Establishing and updating national databases.
  • Developing applications, and enhancing existing systems.
  • setting the standard specifications for the government network.
  • Encouraging Private sector participation.

Implementation Framework

The project is being executed by the Ministry of Communication and Information Technology -in cooperation with the Minstry of State for Administrative Development, and will involve all the Egyptian Ministries and Government bodies.


  • The University Enrolment project tansik.egypt.gov.eg , one of the services available on the Egyptian government portal, has won the United Nations Public Administration Network (UNPAN) 2009 Public Service Award in the category of Preventing and Combating Corruption in the Public Service. The project had successfully eliminated the need for an average of 400 thousand students annually to submit paperwork to the enrolment office in universities after completing their secondary education (Thanaweya Amma.) Students had to submit their desired universities in paper files which in turn underwent a long process including delivery by hand to enrolment offices costing students time, effort and money. The project successfully automated the process allowing electronic submission and editing of university choices as well as follow up on submissions, therefore making the process significantly less costly and more efficient.
  • The Egyptian Government Electronic Tenders Portal www.etenders.gov.eg has won 2nd place at the UNPAN’s 2011 Public Service Award in the category of Preventing and Combating Corruption in the Public Service. The portal was developed and launched by the Ministry of State for Administrative Development (MSAD) in cooperation with the Ministry of Finance’s Government Services Authority.
  • For the third consecutive year, the Governorate of Monofeya’s Portal www.monofeya.gov.eg won e-India’s first prize for IT- Municipalities for 2011. The portal won first place of 10 contestants (Vietnam, Bahrain, Jordan, the Netherlands, Sudan, India, Malaysia, Singapore, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh) for the years 2009, 2010 and 2011.

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For further information-or-inquiries about the project contact us at

E-Government Program
Ministry of State for Adminstrative Development
3 Salah Salem street , Cairo 11763
Tel: 19468
e-mail: egov@ad.gov.eg

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