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Main Sponser: Vodafone
About the Sponsership

One of the Ministry of State for Administrative Development’s mandates is to further develop and promote the usage of e-Government services that are offered through its Government Services Portal (Bawaba). In that light, the Ministry of State for Administrative Development was looking for a strategic public-private partnership (PPP) to finance an awareness campaign for e-Government services, as well as develop a mobile service delivery channel as a base for mobile (m)-Government.

MSAD ran a competition for interested private sector companies to sponsor, finance and execute an integrated advertising campaign on Bawaba and e-services, as well as new delivery channels. The offers were evaluated based on:

  • Advertising tools and activities.
  • Company’s plan to integrate own services and tools with e-Government services.
  • Campaign duration and action plan.
  • Campaign budget and its breakdown.

Vodafone – Egypt was the company chosen for this purpose for the following reasons:

  • It presented the best offer to sponsor the campaign.
  • To acknowledge the social responsibility of the private sector.
  • To aid in achieving the government’s strategy in encouraging the use of ICT as a delivery channel for efficient government services.

Scope of partnership and awareness campaign:

  • Stand-alone advertising campaign to spread awareness of the Bawaba and introduce its services.
  • Joint public relations & advertising campaign to highlight the many features of Bawaba and how they can be used through Vodafone technologies.
  • SMS advertising campaign.
  • Develop a mobile-phone delivery channel for government services (Mobile-Government).

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